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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


just another papercraft.....

Kusudama Venus

The Yoda Master

Not the most beautiful origami models made by me but movie star wars me so mad and I and I'm crazy pattern....

"try not.....do or, do not.....there is no try"

"May the FOLD be with you.....young learner"

The Violinist

is a SHE...!?

Two swans

I called "The Twins"

3D stick-tail

A peacock made of about 1400 pieces !

The 3D Panda

The Magic Ball

The Morning Glory

This is clearly my favorite kusudama!...

The Eiffel Tower

Only a papercraft but embellished my window as I held ....

Christmas Swan

3D Dragon

This dragon 3d comprises only 800 pieces but require a week of work......
"Shadow of The Colossus"

Cherry blossom ball

This is one of my favorites kusudama seems very peaceful ....!

Bila de la japonezi

24 stars form "The skelet sphere"

The swan

It is one of my many swans but is my favorite. I called named"Swan with her baby"


A star made of flowers .... interesting 3d model called "revealed flower"