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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Handmade paper

Dragoş and I(Ştefan) managed to make handmade paper and we liked very much the result...as soon possible we will do a new frame because this one make our job more harder......
Of all that material we done two sheets of paper....the second sheet was perfect -this sheet of paper we used to fold the Eric Joisel's mouse.......
For ingredients and instruction for handmade paper click in the link


  1. Felicitari, baieti.
    hartia ca hartia :P, dar soarecele este superb :)

  2. Bravo... foarte frumoasa... poti pune o poza si cu hartia de dinainte de a fi impaturita, te rog?

  3. Felicitari! Cand aveti drum prin Bucuresti (de fapt, pe langa Bucuresti, la Comana) va asteptam la noi, la Moara de hartie, ca sa facem impreuna hartie manuala :)